1. FC Cologne: No Stöger comeback at FC: Baumgart Cologne’s top favorite!

1. FC Köln and ex-coach Peter Stöger (55) – there will be no renewed cooperation!

Sports boss Horst Heldt (51) and finance boss Alexander Wehrle (46) had the Viennese at the top of their list, and Stöger wanted to succeed Friedhelm Funkel (67). In the end, however, felt too great a headwind in the committees. Once again the Cologne problem that everyone can and wants to have a say …

Stöger himself finally refrained from requesting a return on Friday because he noticed that there had been too many doubts within the club and, in the end, too little support. That was exactly what he had demanded.

Stöger about BILD: “The conversations with Horst Heldt and Alexander Wehrle were very good and the club is still very important to me. In the end, however, we agreed that it was not the right time. ”The Noch-Austria coach has various offers and will definitely take on a new position in the summer.

The Cologne comeback by Stöger is off the table.

The top favorite for the coaching position is now Paderborn coach Steffen Baumgart (49), who was tied with Stöger in the coaching race the whole time. Heldt and Wehrle also spoke to him in detail and are said to be enthusiastic about Baumgart’s football philosophy and his style.

Problem: Hanover and Hamburg are also on the trainer who wants to leave Paderborn in the summer. And: Nobody knows whether the Cologne committees are involved in Baumgart. Erdin Tersic (38) and Thorsten Fink (53) are also on Cologne’s list. But behind Baumgart!


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